We are ordering fabric for students with High Risk issues or could be at risk for infection. We are no longer allowing students to share fabric. If you or your child is HIGH RISK we recommend he/she owning his/her own fabric. The studio fabric will be single use only between washing. 



Aerial Silks (17 yards): $200

Aerial Sling: (10 yards) $115

Figure 8 (Silk): $20

Rescue 8 (silk/sling):$32



Low Aqua

Low Black

Low Blush Nude 

Low Gold

Low Gray

Low Green

Low Lavender

Low Lime

Low Navy


Our fabrics have been tested many times with a weight of 2,500 lbs.

All Aerial fabrics are prone to reaching high temperatures during long or high energy slack drops, this can result in small melted patches, and even holes. These holes are caused by the friction of the fabric rubbing against itself and the performer during high speed movement. Tricot and low stretch fabrics are more susceptible, so it is important to inspect these silks regularly if you routinely perform slack drops. However, you should always take care when practicing slack drops, and be aware of the high amount of friction you can generate during these drops.

If you regularly perform slack drops, you will need to inspect the full length of your fabric regularly, and the fabric will need replacing more often.

ADPC is not responsible for injury. 

No Refunds Or Exchanges