Teacher Training and Continuing Education Programs 

                               Sage Movement Arts Teacher Training: Sage Movement Arts offers instruction in aerial arts, pole, yoga,                                         pilates, strength training, flexibility & contortion, and creative movement. Founder, Constance (CircusEcho)                                   Palmer, has nearly 15 years of teaching experience in these disciplines and holds certifications in aerial,                                       yoga, and pilates. She is a lifelong mover with a background in dance and movement analysis as well as a bachelor's degree from Oglethorpe University in Biology, with a focus in Anatomy and Physiology in the pre-medical program. The Aerial Teacher Training Program has been evolving since 2014, when Constance founded The Space: A Movement Arts studio in Atlanta, GA where she developed her curriculum and teacher training techniques. She offers training for teachers of bars and vertical apparatus. Constance is a resident continuing education provider and teacher trainer for Canopy Studio in Athens, GA, and was previously a teacher trainer and mentor for Born to Fly Teachers under the direction of Julianna Hane. Constance has mentored studios and instructors in curriculum building and contributed to the Born to Fly Curriculum in the video library as well as being an editor for The Hoop Manual Vol. 2 and the Rope Manual Vol. 1, and is a contributing author of The Rope Manual Vol. 2. Constance is passionate about movement and kinesiology. She continues to expand her knowledge through her own continuing education year after year and continues to evolve her teaching styles and training techniques.

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