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Aerial Dance

A School for Circus & Aerial Arts 

We believe that the art of dance is essential to a healthy body and a thriving community; demonstrating the infinite possibilities of individual expression, human potential, and desire to live a creative, fulfilling life.


Learn to Fly

At Aerial Dance PC, we take pride in our students and their safety.


Aerial Dance Panama City was founded in 2013 and we are Bay County's first and only Circus & Aerial Arts Studio! Aerial Dance is an exciting form of dance most notably seen in Cirque du Soleil. It combines the beauty of dance and soft silk into a fun workout. At ADPC you will learn how to move your body in ways you never imagined while developing core strength and flexibility. At our studio, we pride ourselves on helping students gain their self-confidence by discovering the freedom of flight!

When you decide to run away and join our circus, you will discover a whole new you! 



Our Studio

Our Classes

Are YOU ready to join us?

Class Description


Lyra, also known as an aerial hoop is a steel circular apparatus suspended from the ceiling. In this class, you will learn the various techniques to enter and exit from the Lyra, along with conditioning, strength, and flexibility exercises.


Trapeze is a bar connected to the ceiling by two ropes. In this class, you will learn poses and sequences on and below the bar and on the ropes. As you become more advanced, you will learn to flip around the bar and work on momentum-based skills and tricks.


Aerial Sling is one piece of fabric with two tails connected to the ceiling simultaneously to create a hammock-like apparatus. In this class, you will learn Aerial Sling foundational pieces, including basic entries, poses, and flow. 


Aerial Silks is a special type of fabric hung as two pieces. Here you will build the fundamentals of climbing, inversions, foot locks, and basic movement combinations.  We will work on developing strength, flexibility, and coordination, as well as exploring the creative element of aerial dance.



Aerial Chains is a set of metal chains suspended from a point. Students who perform on sling will pick up this apparatus much quicker. If you are looking for a challenge chains is for you.

We promise it's not for the faint of heart!


Aerial Dance is a floorwork based class. Here we teach students proper form and techniques that they will use in the air.

Hula Hoop

Come join this fun filled workout with hula hoops! We do more then just waist hooping, we'll teach you how to dance with your hoop and tricks to create your very own routine. Think you can use multiple hoops at the same time? Let's find out!


Aerial Rope, also called Corde Lisse, is a vertical apparatus made from soft cotton about 30-35mm thick. It lends itself to climbing, swinging, rolling, dropping, and other amazing moves. It shares many characteristics with aerial silks but has a completely different aesthetic.

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