Varsity Performance Team

The Aerial Dance Varsity Performance Team was started to provide the  students who are 9-18 years old with the opportunity to refine their skills and knowledge as performers. 

     Curriculum in the Varsity Performance Team covers much needed skills such as flexibility training and conditioning, as well as performance skills such as stage makeup up, costume care, and stage presence. The goal for the Varsity Performance Team is to encourage teamwork and a sense of community, as well as prepare the aerialists for what can be expected in future showcases and/or the Aerial Teen Performance Company. In exploring this goal we hope to provide the team with performance opportunities focusing mostly on group productions. The Varsity Performance Company will be performing a spring production as well as a end of year production along with other local events. 

     Varsity Performance Team is a weekly class that meets Thursdays at 4pm-6pm, due to the limited time this is not considered a regular curriculum class. Thursday's times are set aside for team practice and new lessons cannot often be expected. Because of this, training outside of Thursday practices is expected from each team member.


Auditions will be held on December 7th at 12pm during Flyers Debut. The audition needs to be a 2 minute routine created by the Aerialists. This routine should have one Aerial inversion. The Aerialists will also be required to have a 30 second bent arm hang. 


Audition requirements

Must attend live auditions on December 7th or perform for the new ATPC group. 

Must have 3 aerial inversions 

Must have a 30 second bent arm hang

Must have at least one full split

Must meet age requirements

Costumes encouraged

Must maintain good attendance and behavior.

Must have parental consent


Qualifications: 9-18 years old, Students must  maintain a C average and a copy must be presented to instructor every report card, Routines for try outs should be around 2 minutes but not exceeding 3 minutes. Safety is our number one priority. Any student who doesn’t comply with safety rules will be asked to leave the company without refund.


Grade/attendance reports

Proof of Health insurance

Parental consent forms

Any additional needed waivers (photos, studio, instructor waivers)

Updated student profiles, contacts, email, addresses, emergency contacts


Once aerialists have reached the appropriate age, they are encouraged to audition for the Aerial Teen Performance Company.

$350 Annual Fee


Aerial Dance 
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