After Brittany took her first aerial class, She knew that someday it would be a huge part of her life. Aerial dance was so captivating to her that she drove out of town faithfully every weekend to take classes. Brittany was always intrigued by the beauty, strength and grace of aerial dance with playful intention, patience, and respect. She immersed herself in the study of aerial arts and decided she had to share her passion with others. In 2013 she attended the  New England Center for Circus Arts Teacher Education Program for Aerial Arts, Fabric, and Trapeze then again in 2019 for sling with Born To Fly Teacher Education Program.  Brittany continues to take workshops, rigging courses once a year and continues to study with other amazing Aerial Instructors.

Brittany is President of Aerial Dance Panama City


Misty Joy discovered her passion for aerial arts & fitness in 2013, starting with pole fitness and branching out to Aerial Silks, Lyra, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Rope, and Static Trapeze. The Lyra being her personal favorite.  Misty has a great love for the circus arts, and has expanded her practices to performing with fire props, and especially breathing and eating fire.  Misty also performs Aerial and Acro Doubles.  This last year has been busy for her as she has created a business performing as a mermaid.  Misty has completed her training from Waverly Jones but continues to train all over the country. She is also certified with Yoga  Alliance, Yoga Fit, ACE, and so many more we simply don't have the room to put it all down.  

Misty is the Program Director for Aerial Lyra and Aerial Rope.  


Rachel has performed in many roles at our Aerial Student Showcase as well as a dancer with the Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Firebird ballets. She has thought creative dance classes, ballet and jazz level 1. She has enjoyed choreographing ballet pieces for the church setting. She has a great love for children, and dance, and it shows in her teaching.

Rachel has studied Aerial Silks, Lyra, Barre, Classical Ballet, Modern Ballet, Jazz and Hip-Hop at several studios in Illinois and Florida. Rachel is so excited to teach our children's program called  My Little Aerialist. She has a love for children and it shows in her work.

Rachel completed her Born to Fly Aerial Sling Program. 

Emily Waymire began her dance education as a child studying ballet.  Her love for movement and music began on pointe; however, she found her true love in the art form when she discovered aerial dance.  She has studied at Aerial Dance Panama City since 2013.  She has studied fabric, sling, and trapeze, but the aerial apparatus that she truly loves is rope.  She hopes that she can pass along her passion for this apparatus to her students. Emily’s day job has her working as an analyst and tactician for the United States Navy, and she is a mommy to an amazing little boy.  


Emily has completed her Born To Fly Rope Certification.

She has completed Rigging 101 and 102 with Todd Spiering and Brett Copes 


Morgan’s aerial journey began right here at Aerial Dance Panama City, and it was under the encouragement and mentorship of Brittany Gillespie and the fellow instructors that she blossomed. In her years since starting at ADPC, Morgan has been able to expand her circus repertoire from learning, performing, and now even teaching. Coming from a theater background in her youth, as well as in college, she truly thrived while performing alongside her mentors, friends, and students alike. You may have even seen her directorial debut show: “A Night of Queen”. However, Morgan found her true love in sharing her passion for aerial arts through teaching. Although Morgan treasures her experiences training outside of ADPC, and alongside visiting aerialists, her heart belongs to Aerial Dance Panama City and it will always be her home. Morgan has coached for the Jr. Varsity Performance Team, the Varsity Performance Team, and currently Aerial Teen Performance Company 

Morgan has traveled to the Atlanta Circus Arts Institute where she has received her ACE recognized teaching certification.


Keita Wilt started her aerial dance career in 2013, after several years of taking gymnastics. With the support and encouragement of the ADPC instructors, she has greatly developed her skills in silks, sling, lyra, trapeze, and rope. She currently teaches My Little Aerialist and Trapeze classes. She is one of the two directors of the Varsity Performance Team. 

Keita is working on completing her certification through Born to Fly, and she has completed Rigging 101 with Brett Copes. 


Bea  started her aerial dance career in 2012, after several years of taking dance. With the support and encouragement of the ADPC instructors, she has greatly developed her skills in silks, sling, lyra, trapeze, and rope. She currently teaches My Tiny Aerialist classes and is one of the two directors of the Jr. Varsity Performance Team and Aerial Teen Performance Company. 


Bea is being Certified through Born to Fly Teacher Training, and she has completed Rigging 101 with Brett Copes.

Dr. Jenny Hunnicutt is a professional figure skater turned aerialist! After competitively figure skating for over two decades, she found a new love in the aerial arts and handstanding. This past summer she moved from Atlanta to Panama City and joined the ADPC family!

Jenny has a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science and has worked as a clinical researcher in sports medicine. She is also a certified athletic trainer and has worked with all kinds of athletes, including figure skaters and aerialists.

Jenny’s approach to teaching is applying her wealth of clinical experiences and research expertise to empower her students to become more knowledgeable and confident in their own bodies. She believes handstands are an important foundation in the aerial arts and aims to provide safe and effective training for individuals of all levels!


Emma Corbell has enjoyed Aerial Dance since her first class in 2017. With the help of her wonderful instructors at ADPC Emma has grown to love sling, rope, trapeze and chains. She currently teaches trapeze and is one of the two directors of the Varsity Performance Team. 

Emma graduated from the Circus Arts Institute in Aerial Trapeze. 


Milisa started dancing at age 2, taking ballet, jazz, and tap. In the academy, she took

gymnastics and acro-sports. Her love of movement leads her to become a dance major

at UMass Amherst, studying ballet, jazz, and modern dance. While living in Boston, she

performed as a go-go dancer. After moving to Florida, she became a ballroom dance

instructor specializing in waltz, foxtrot, tango, Viennese waltz, rumba, cha-cha, salsa,

East & West coast swing, merengue, mambo, and the hustle; she also competed

professionally. Starting in elementary school and throughout her life, she has

choreographed dances and danced for chorus groups, talent shows, a children's church

group, wedding dances, ballroom showcases, and a play at the Kaleidoscope Theater.

She discovered aerial dance in 2017, performing in 2 Flyers Debuts, and ADPC's 2019

showcase "Whirlwind". Most recently she was the Assistant Creative Director, Head

Marketing Director, and Professional Performer for 2021 Le Cirque de Noir: Pandora's

Box of Curiosities. During her time at Aerial Dance PC, she helped coach a fellow aerialist to win a nationally recognized aerialist competition. Solidifying her opinion that what she has learned dancing on the floor, easily translates to dancing in the air. She now wants to help others by teaching her passion - emoting and expressing through movement, therefore she has created dance classes to help fellow aerialists and/or anyone else who wants to learn and refine these skills on the floor. She is also available for in-house coaching to help fine-tune any routines.