Aerial Dance Performance Company

Aerial Dance Performance Company is a community of aspiring aerialists who want to focus on aerial artistry, performance and musicality in addition to developing more advanced tricks, flexibility, strength and stamina. Aerial Performance Company combines the technical skills and pageantry of Cirque with dance and athleticism giving these aerialists the opportunity to showcase their hard work through various community performances throughout the season and creating their own aerial productions. 

Private Auditions

December 12th starting at 11am

Audition requirements:

  • Must attend live auditions on December 12th or reschedule a private in person audition

  • Aerial inversions (right, left, and middle) with straight legs and no beating

  • Straight arm inversions (no beats) or at least one full split 

  • Must have a 30 second bent arm hold (with proper shoulder positioning)

  • Must be capable of 2 full minutes of air time with no breaks or interruptions 

  • Must maintain good attendance and must be able to attend ADPC weekly rehearsals

  • Must have parental consent if a minor and maintain a C average in school

Aerial Dance Performance Company auditions will include testing on the aerial requirements (listed above) and a 2 minute routine created by the aerialist. This routine should showcase the aerialist's capabilities and thus it is encouraged to incorporate the requirements (such as splits and inversions) in to the routine. However these requirements are not the only way to showcase your talent, consider other impressive skills you may have such as meat hooks, windmills, contortion, tumbling, and other circus related arts.

Company weekly rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays from

4 pm to 5:30 pm